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Boynton Beach, FL is a coastal city in Palm Beach County. It is known for its beautiful beaches, waterfront parks, golf courses, and lively downtown area with a variety of restaurants, shops, and entertainment options.

Rhino Shield is a durable and long-lasting ceramic coating that can protect your property in Boynton Beach, FL from harsh weather conditions, salt spray, and UV damage. With Rhino Shield, you can save money on maintenance and energy costs while enjoying a beautiful, like-new appearance for years to come.

  • 25 Year Transferable Warranty

  • Outstanding UV Ray Sun Protection, Resists Fading

  • Class A Fire Rating

  • Exceeds the Miami/Dade Wind-Driven Rain Protection Spec

  • Available in Virtually Any Color!

  • Free Estimates

of Boynton Beach, FL

Protect and beautify your Boynton Beach home with Rhino Shield. Our ceramic coating system provides long-lasting protection against weather, UV rays, and salt spray, while also reducing energy costs.

With a 25-year warranty, Rhino Shield is the last coating your home will ever need. Our team of experts will provide a hassle-free installation, and our coating comes in a wide range of colors to enhance the curb appeal of any property. Invest in your home’s future with Rhino Shield. Click the button below to learn more about our residential coating services.

of Boynton Beach, FL

Looking to protect your commercial property in Boynton Beach, FL? Rhino Shield offers superior protection against harsh weather. It is designed to resist cracking, chipping, peeling, and fading, which means you won’t have to spend time and money on frequent maintenance and repairs. Additionally, our coatings are energy-efficient and can help reduce your heating and cooling costs.

Rhino Shield is a smart investment for any business owner or property manager. Click the button below to learn more about our commercial coating services.

Trust Only The Best Paint Coating Services in Boynton Beach, FL

When it comes to protecting and enhancing the value of your property, you want to trust only the best coating services in Boynton Beach, FL. At Rhino Shield of South Florida, we take pride in offering superior coating solutions that will protect your property and boost its curb appeal.

Our ceramic elastomeric coatings are engineered to be more durable, longer-lasting, and more energy-efficient than traditional paint. Our services are backed by an iron-clad 25-year transferable warranty. Plus, with our friendly and knowledgeable team, you can count on us to deliver exceptional service from start to finish. Don’t settle for less when it comes to coating services – trust only Rhino Shield.

Year Transferable Warranty
Exteriors Shielded in the US
Years of Team Experience

25 Year Transferable

Peace of Mind Selling or Staying!

Outstanding UV Ray Protection from FL Sun

Resists Fading and Reflects UV Rays!

Excellent Wind & Rain Protection

Exceeds Miami/Dade Wind-Driven Rain Spec

Class A Fire Rating

Protect Your Investment & Family

Unrivaled Boynton Beach, FL Rhino Shield Coating Experts

When it comes to coating professionals in Boynton Beach, FL, no one is better than the Rhino Shield team of coating experts. We take pride in our ability to deliver exceptional results every time.

But can you trust what we tell you about our coating services? Find out what our actual customers have to say in our reviews.

More Than Just Walls

Boynton Beach, FL Roof Coating Experts

If you’re looking for reliable and long-lasting protection for your roof, look no further!

Our team of skilled roof coating professionals is dedicated to delivering top-quality services for homeowners in the Boynton Beach area.

We use advanced roof coatings like Super Shield that offer superior insulation and protection, helping to extend the life of your roof and improve your home’s energy efficiency.

At Rhino Shield of South Florida, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail, personalized service, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.
That’s why we’re the go-to choice for homeowners in Boynton Beach and beyond who want to safeguard their roofs against harsh weather and the elements.
To discover more about our roof coating services and how we can help protect your home, click the button below.

You have coating questions, we have coating answers

These are some of the questions your Boynton Beach, FL Neighbors have asked…

If you want the best for your property, you shouldn’t be looking for a traditional painter. Instead, you should find the nearest Rhino Shield dealer near you. Rhino Shield offers superior protection against extreme weather and harsh elements. Plus, a Rhino Shield application lasts far longer than a traditional paint job. It’s also the more cost-effective option in the long run. Contact us today for an estimate.

Rhino Shield coatings are generally priced higher than traditional paint, but they are also designed to last much longer and provide better protection and energy savings over time. While the initial cost may be higher, the long-term savings on maintenance and energy costs can make Rhino Shield a more cost-effective solution for property owners. Additionally, Rhino Shield offers financing options to help make the investment more affordable.

Ultimately, the cost of Rhino Shield will depend on the size and complexity of the project, as well as the specific needs and goals of the property owner. However, many customers find that the benefits of Rhino Shield are well worth the investment.

Yes, Rhino Shield coatings come with a 25-year transferable warranty, which provides peace of mind and protects your investment for years to come. This warranty covers against chipping, peeling, and flaking of the coating, as well as any damage caused by weather, UV exposure, or normal wear and tear.

In the unlikely event that any issues arise with your Rhino Shield coating, our team of experts will work with you to resolve the problem quickly and efficiently. The warranty is transferable to new owners if you decide to sell your property, adding to the value of your investment.

Rhino Shield can potentially increase the value of a home or property. The superior durability and long-lasting performance of Rhino Shield coatings can enhance the overall appearance of the property, improve its energy efficiency, and reduce the need for frequent maintenance and repainting. These benefits can make a property more attractive to potential buyers and increase its resale value.

Additionally, Rhino Shield’s 25-year warranty can be a selling point for buyers looking for a low-maintenance, long-lasting solution. However, the extent to which Rhino Shield increases home value will depend on a variety of factors, including the specific property, location, and market conditions.

Yes, Rhino Shield coatings are specifically designed to resist fading and retain their color over time. The ceramic microspheres in Rhino Shield coatings are UV-resistant, which helps to protect against the damaging effects of sunlight and prevent fading.

Additionally, Rhino Shield coatings are formulated to be highly durable, with excellent adhesion and resistance to chipping, peeling, and cracking. This means that the color and appearance of your Rhino Shield coating will remain vibrant and attractive for years to come, even in harsh environments with high exposure to sunlight or other weather conditions.

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Choose Rhino Shield of South Florida for your residential or commercial property in Boynton Beach, FL. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing the highest quality service and results to our customers. Whether you need a commercial or residential coating, we have the expertise and equipment to get the job done right. We offer a 25-year transferable warranty on our coatings, giving you peace of mind and protecting your investment for years to come.

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