Rhino Shield exterior ceramic permanent paint coating completely bonds to and seals LP Siding exterior homes and buildings. Your LP exterior will be completely sealed and protected from the sun and elements. With Rhino Shield’s 25 year transferable warranty, why consider anything else for your home or building?

Giving You the Best Results for LP Siding From the Very Beginning

LP siding is durable and resistant to rot. However, to get the best results from engineered wood exteriors, it’s important to work with painting professionals. During a new installation, LP siding often comes pre-primed and ready for a beautiful topcoat. This topcoat is what gives your home long-lasting weather protection and style, so it makes sense to do it right. At Rhino Shield, our team performs work of the highest quality, making sure your home’s exterior surfaces look breathtaking for ages.

Taking Great Care of LP Siding Homes

LP siding can be a tricky process to paint. Proper preparation and care needs to be taken to prevent warping, curling, cracking, and leaking of the boards. Rhino Shield experts know exactly how to handle your LP exterior.

To make sure your home looks incredible and stays protected from the elements, we take the time to do things right. Here’s what you can expect when you call us to prime, paint, or refinish your home’s LP siding:

  1. Prepare the home’s exterior: True professionals make sure your entire home is beautiful after the job is done. That means covering windows, decks, outdoor furniture, and other decor. We take care of everything.
  2. Clean existing LP siding: The cleaning process gets rid of built-up dirt and soils, leaving the LP siding ready to be painted.
  3. Apply Rhino Shield LP siding paint: Our experts apply Rhino Shield using a high-tech spray system that ensures even coats. That way, all eyes are on the incredible look of your home.
  4. Touch up: After applying the necessary coats of LP siding paint, our team carefully checks every part of the exterior, touching up any additional details. Our goal is to provide perfect results every time.
  5. Ensure your 100% satisfaction: The job isn’t over until you say it is. Our clients love how hard we work to provide the best exterior imaginable.

When painting for LP siding is applied by professionals, it lasts longer and stands up better to sun, rain, snow, and salt. We have extensive experience with homes that have LP siding.

Making Your Life Easier

What makes Rhino Shield exterior paint for LP siding so amazing is how long it lasts. Let’s face it — you have a lot of more important things going on in your life than repainting your home. You should be able to invest time in the things you love: spending time with friends, taking in the outdoors with your family, and treating yourself to some well-deserved rest and relaxation. With our legendary LP siding paint and excellent quality, you don’t have to worry about ever painting again.

Delivering the Best Look for LP Siding Paint

Take the benefits of LP siding to the next level with legendary Rhino Shield exterior paint coating. Traditional paint ends up fading and peeling over time. On the other hand, Rhino Shield stays just as vibrant as day one, even after decades. Even better, there are over 1,000 color options to choose from!

Give your home a look that you’ll love for a lifetime. Contact us right away to schedule an appointment or learn more.

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