Rhino Shield Cost in South Florida

Cost of Rhino Shield in South Florida: What You Should Know

Comparison of Rhino Shield and regular paint costs

Protecting your home against the varied weather conditions in South Florida is crucial. The Rhino Shield Paint Coating System provides a cutting-edge, maintenance-free solution that excels in durability, perfect for the region’s climatic demands.

Understanding the Cost of Rhino Shield

Rhino Shield generally entails higher initial costs compared to traditional painting methods due to its superior technology and labor-intensive application process, plus a comprehensive 25-year warranty. Applying Rhino Shield to a typical 3-bedroom house ranges between $18,000 and $22,000, approximately $9-11 per square foot, whereas standard latex paint jobs cost between $5,000 and $9,000. The higher cost of Rhino Shield is offset by its longevity and reduced maintenance needs, representing significant long-term savings.

Benefits of Investing in Rhino Shield for Your Home

Choosing Rhino Shield is an investment in the longevity and protection of your significant asset, your home. We provide transparent information on the benefits of Rhino Shield compared to traditional paints, including a detailed overview of our installation process and its advantages.

Steps in the Rhino Shield installation process

Rhino Shield Installation Process

The application process of Rhino Shield is meticulous, designed to enhance the durability of the coating and ensure adherence to our 25-year warranty. Our procedure includes a comprehensive evaluation, power washing, preparation, caulking, sealing, careful masking, primer and topcoat application, precise touch-ups, and a final inspection to guarantee complete satisfaction.

Advanced Technology of Rhino Shield

Rhino Shield’s superior, proprietary elastomeric coating formula features a 79% solid content with ceramic microspheres, enhancing solar reflectivity, durability, and insulation. Available in a broad spectrum of colors, it offers both customization and aesthetic appeal.

Superior ingredients of Rhino Shield paint coatings

The Added Value of Choosing Rhino Shield

Rhino Shield surpasses traditional paints in lifespan and maintenance requirements, offering four to five times the longevity. Our network of certified installers ensures a professional, top-quality application every time. For more details on our pricing and installation processes, visit the Rhino Shield corporate website. Contact us today to learn more!

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